This is who we are. 

Geeks at our core.

We are a next level, out off this world digital media agency made up of a focused team of innovative and experienced people. You can always expect us to be punctual, polite, knowledgeable, and capable.

Our Team

 Let’s tell a story. 

The story behind our solution.

Founded in 2013 in the City of Cape Town, after many years working in the corporate world, we had noticed the distinct lack of quality digital media companies in the South African market.

In 2017 Geeklab expanded and decided to establish another branch of the company, which shared the our brand, vision and long-terms goals.The collaboration between the two companies, united under one brand, ushered in a period of unprecedented growth and prosperity for both.

In 2019, as a result of the successes of their individual enterprises both operating under the same brand, we decided to pool our collective resources and decades of combined experience by merging their companies, creating the Geeklab that exists today.

 Our vision 

To be the largest, most in demand and most innovative digital marketing agency in South Africa.

 Our mission 

To be a name synonymous with the finest quality digital experiences.

Our aim is to be a pioneer within the fourth industrial revolution and make South Africa a true contender the global arena of digital, technological and marketing development and advancement.

 Our values 

  • Collaboration over competition.
  • Support over blame.
  • Continuous delivery over deadlines.
  • Skills over titles.

 The geeks 

Meet the team

Meet the people that turn coffee and pizza into digital magic, the people that makes it all happen and the people that make the internet a little better looking every day.

 JP Stander 

Co-Founder / Operations Director

 Jared Coleman 

Co-Founder / Creative Director

 Oliver Copley 

Operations / Media

 Talita Zaayman 

Content / Media

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