Luxury Seventy Seven

Africa’s Leading Luxury Concierge Company

mockup display of the luxury seventy seven website on a mac screen

Luxury Seventy Seven Website Overview

Luxury Seventy Seven is a premier luxury company, specializing in the following areas; Luxury Air Travel, Luxury Car Hire/Rental, Luxury Yacht Hire/Rental, Luxury Concierge Services, Protection Services, Aircraft Sales, Yacht Sales and Media production


  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Online Booking System
  • Online Store >

Booking System Process

The platform offers a variety of services across multiple selections ie. Cars; Jets; Accommodation as well as a general online store. Users can purchase luxury jewlery and watches directly from the e-commerce platform. In addition, they can book or enquire about any vehicle; jet; yacht or mansion (depending on their requirements). Due to this complexity, our main focus was to make the ordering/buying/booking a simple and painless procedure. To avoid overwhelming users, we broke it down by child, subject and resource in a wizard mechanism, exposing the relevant sections when needed. We also created landing pages for different subjects and for each target audience.

website screenshot of the luxury seventy seven car booking services
website landing screenshot of the luxury seventy seven website made by geeklab
screenshot of the luxury seventy seven accommodation services

Luxury Seventy Seven Website Design

Geeklab has a well-established brand and identity which we wanted to respect when designing their website. We made use of their existing colour palette and fun illustrations, incorporating visual examples of the product in action through photography and videos. We made sure that there was a consistent experience across print and digital by carrying across the colours from the printed materials to web. Our designs were responsive, so they could easily be carried across to mobile devices.

mockup display of the luxury seventy seven website on a mac screen