Scientrix – Connect strategy, execution and impact.

Scientrix is an innovative, agile business architecture platform that enables leaders to structure, connect, change and manage the organization.

Scientrix Website Overview

Through Scientrix’s unique plug-and-play architecture, supported by advanced data and analytics, they allow your organisational leaders to model, execute and govern their strategies in line with a clear direction, while keeping the parts of the business connected.

Geeklab was brought onboard to help simplify a complex navigation of a range of elements and information. Our team worked on extensive UI/UX processes and then proceeded to translate and design the rest of the marketing website into German. It was a joy to work with such a passionate and energetic team of people at Scientrix


  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Website Design
  • Site Translation to German
  • Video’s & Animations >


UX/UI Process

The Scientrix website is simplified matrix of their information of high-end business management. Users can view all the benefits and features of the Scientrix platform as well as have an in depth look at how the system works with our Animated process shot’s of the Scientrix Matrix. There is an extensive amount of information on exactly who and what their product offering is for covered in their Full-Product overview. Scientrix has backed this up even further by adding a knowledge base of information that all of their users can easily access when any issue arises.

Scientrix Website Design

The Scientrix website is a prime example of our high-end market client’s with their corporate yet exciting branding. Scientrix’s platform is both formal as well as vibrant, with strong branding elements ranging from custom icons; banners as well as structured page layouts. This website is also an example of how we turn endless amounts of information into a simplified structure that is displayed only when requested – ensuring the SEO integrity as well as the User Friendly best practices experience we adhere to.