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Strategic website and e-commerce solutions

We believe in effortless online experiences, engaging content & the power of collaboration.

We design websites, manage your social media accounts as well as your email & domain hosting based on your requirements in addition to your unique style.

We use your vision and our experience to create something usable, functional and attractive that will captivate your audience and grab their attention from the first click.

About us

Designed to geek

Being a dynamic team of humans that have built websites for over 10 years and spend 800 hours a month online – we humbly consider ourselves aficionados of the Interwebs.

Problem solving

We explore

We focus on clean, intelligent design making our websites beautiful and easy to use. We welcome the challenge of any brief and if we’re solving problems through creativity, we’re happy.

Our work

Makes us proud

Our work has a reputation for focussed execution and logical integrations. We do extensive groundwork and research to avoid potential time and budget sinkholes.

#1 Digital media specialists

What we do best

We craft bespoke websites based on your requirements in addition to your unique style.

Reliable, experimental, creative partners that push the boundaries and possibilities while encouraging you to do the same.

We use your vision and our experience to create something usable, functional and attractive that will captivate your audience and grab their attention from the first click.

E-commerce + retail solutions

Most consumers these days begin online product searches primarily on their smart phones. If you don’t have an online presence, how will they learn about your company’s offering? The power of digital marketing coupled with search engine optimization creates tremendous opportunities for sales and growth.

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Website development

Website development relates to the work that goes into building a website. Website development is one way to ensure your business’s success by informing people of what your business offers, getting to know your consumers better, and recognising how to improve your product or service further.

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Social media management

Social media management is a necessity for all businesses. Surpass your competition and use social media marketing to its complete advantage. You can streamline your social media management with our professional social media management services.

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Website + email hosting

Web hosting includes website files stored on one or more servers or computers, whereas email hosting refers only to email data storage. Using the identical hosting provider means you don’t have to maintain your email on a separate account, and you will be familiar with the host and how they operate from the way they have managed your website.

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Search engine optimisation

Search engines like Google for example utilize bots to crawl pages on the web, go from site to site, collect information about those pages, and put them in an index. 

SEO is an extremely integral part of digital marketing because people carry out trillions of searches every year, often with business intent to find information about products and services.

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Branding Identity

When a company’s visual elements are implemented accurately and consistently, they work mutually to build a corporate brand identity that is immediately recognisable and unforgettable.

Brand consistency gives you more authority over your brand image, which, although made up of singular interactions with your company.

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95% of the our clients get more conversions + sales with our websites.

Our Clients

We’ve had the pleasure of working with great clients who have some incredible ideas, we’ve brought those idea’s to life and generally did everything from display ads to full scale digital marketing campaigns.

Here’s what people
say about us

We ❤️ our Geeklab family

Always a pleasure working with Geeklab. The attention to detail and positive attitude of the employees makes for a great creative environment.

Jason Smith

Incredible experience with Geeklab! They worked more than we agreed to, just because they wanted the project to be nice and clean. – Thanks Geeklab!

Adele Estates

Very hands-on and efficient business. Their service is wonderful. They really got an eye for it and improved the site to something far beyond what I thought was possible with WordPress. Would recommend.

Jade Kylander

A creative agency that works and thinks about the design and functionality till the very last detail. This our second page that is running on WordPress and made by Geeklab. We urgently had to (re)design our website and the result surpassed our expectations again.

Reinier Reimus

The transformation that Geeklab implemented was far and away the biggest and most impactful change the site has ever had. The site looks and feels much cleaner and simpler. Geeklab knows WordPress and is able to transform a site

John Greenhalgh

We are so very happy with the new layout. 
The look and feel has given us new energy because how it looks now after Geeklabs work: representative of who we have become from amateur to professional.

Suzanne van der Weij

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